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Designed for permanent connection of prefabricated concrete sections. These innovative Turnbuckles are part of a quick, effective, dependable connection system using anchors and screw connections embedded in prefabricated concrete. No grouting necessary. Once properly placed, immediately capable of supporting high shearing tensile full loads.


  • Quick, effective, dependable connection of prefabricated concrete sections
  • No waiting for expensive welders
  • Built in magnets simplify placement of the recess unit
  • Concrete sections can be clamped without additional materials or special products
  • Weather resistant, can be installed at temperatures below zero degrees
  • Resistant to tensile and shear force
  • Cost and time savings through reduced assembly and connection times.
  • No need for time-consuming individual solutions
  • Engineering Approval No. Z-14.4-599

Turnbuckle Housings

Sylvan Part NumberDescriptionTensile ForceLateral ForceLength(a)Length(a1)Breadth(b)Breadth(b1)Height
BT.4009082.M12STM12 – 1/2” Turnbuckle Housing (Galv. Steel hot-dip)7,576 lbs.2,100 lbs.2.65”1.00”2.65”.62”2.00”
BT.4009076.M16STM16 – 5/8” Turnbuckle Housing (Galv. Steel hot-dip)9,700 lbs.5,889 lbs.3.54”1.18”3.54”.70”2.55”
BT.4009075.M20STM20 – 3/4" Turnbuckle Housing (Galv. Steel hot-dip)11,700 lbs.5,575 lbs.4.72”1.58”4.72”.863.54”

Turnbuckle Sets

Sylvan Part NumberDescription
BT.4009086.M12SETM12 – 1/2" Turnbuckle Set*
BT.4009074.M16SETM16 – 5/8” Turnbuckle Set*
BT.4009072.M20SETM20 – 3/4" Turnbuckle Set*

* Set Includes:
1 pc. Turnbuckle Housing
2 pc. Galvanized Hex bolts
2 pc. Galvanized fitted washers

Turnbuckle Accessories

Sylvan Part NumberDescriptionNotes
BT.3003163.M12ANM12 Threaded Pigtail Anchor(1/2” diam. x 4-1/3” long; 12mm diam. x 110mm long)
BT.3003067.M16ANM16 Threaded Pigtail Anchor(5/8” diam. x 6-7/8” long; 16mm diam. x 175mm long)
BT.3003064.M20ANM20 Threaded Pigtail Anchor(3/4” diam. x 7-5/8” long; 20mm diam. x 194mm long)

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