Our History

Scott Wilson, Craig Digman

Scott Wilson, Craig Digman in 1990

Sylvan Industries was formed as a Division of Sylvan Forest Products in December 1990, by founders A. Craig Digman and W. Scott Wilson. The company was founded on a company charter directed at developing new products and increasing market share in high performance panels and composite construction materials, as well as wood and composite mouldings. To that end, Sylvan has successfully introduced traditional and new-age composite materials that meet the exacting requirements of customers in such diverse industries as Architectural Concrete Forming, Material Handling, Sports Arenas, High Rise Construction, Transportation, Aerospace, Food Handling, Marine & Boating Industries, and many more. In addition, our sales and production specialists bring customized solutions and services to a wide variety of applications. Sylvan pledges to take the high road in building better products, and in finding solutions to performance challenges. Sylvan will respond quickly to all questions and inquiries that are sent through to our Quotation Form.

Our Clients

  • Arrowhead Pond
  • Portland Rose