Sign-White Prefinished Sign Panel

signwhite panel

This smooth, high-gloss sign panel combines application speed and attention-grabbing appearance. The smooth surface accepts virtually all lettering paint, vinyl graphic and lettering tapes, and the pre-sanded face minimizes grain or patch transfer. The tight-core lay-up greatly reduces depression spots and blemishes in the finished sign, while the stable construction minimizes warp, twist and “cupping.” Sign-White also resists yellowing, chipping and cracking thanks to its UV finish.


  • Smooth
  • High-gloss
  • Uniform high-grade core
  • Stable—flat-laying
  • UV resistant
Dimensions 1/2" 9-ply 3/4" 11-ply or 13-ply
4'w x 8'L x x
4'W x 10'L x

Other sizes and thicknesses available by special order.

All sizes available prefinished one-sided or two sided.

Coating: Six coats of paint on both face and back, including five coats of acrylic sign white paint and one topcoat of UV Urethane Epoxy. Coating millage: 4.5 dry mils.

Gloss level: 90 gloss units

Edge sealer: Factory-applied water-resistant white polyurethane. If cut, drilled or damaged, raw edges require adequate resealing to avoid moisture penetration.

Product standard: Surface finish meets or exceeds U.S. Product Standard PS-1, Canadian Standard CSA 0151, British Standard BS 6566, German Standard DIN 68705, Japanese Standard JAS #2 and French Standard NFB 51-33B.

Warranty: Sylvan panels carry a limited warranty, subject to adjustments based on specific applications and geographic conditions.