Grit-Coat R Polymer Resinous Decking

Our most affordable mezzanine deck panel offers tough wear-resistance and slip-resistance. Durable polymer coating on dense resin-core coating.


Resinous core-line: designed for economical applications over metal (corrugated) roof deck, suitable for foot traffic, carts and medium pallet use (up to 750 lbs. per wheel.)

  • Economical, low-cost option
  • Tough, wear-resistant
  • OSHA compliance for slip-resistance, medium
  • Standard size (48×96 & 48×120) thicknesses 5/8”, 3/4” & 1-1/8) other sizes & thicknesses subject to availability
  • Class C or Class A fire retardant available (allow 9 to10 weeks lead time)
  • Standard color: Gray, other colors subject to availability
  • Available in T&G 2LE, T&G 2SE, T&G 4E, cut to size

Compare decking products at a glance

Product Cost Durability Pallet-jack Rating Flame-spread Rating Slip Resistance
Grit-Coat R


Low  (all 3/4") Lower-Middle

(low tor span rating; high for compression)

Medium for over steel decking. Not rated for open spans. Class A, C Medium – High

Polymer surface



Low to Moderate

(depends on quantity & thickness)

High for rolling shear and compression rating; Moderate for span rating. Medium – High; very good resistance to compression, rolling shear.


Class C Medium – High

Polymer surface



Moderate to High (based on overlay thickness and quantity) High High for compression & rolling shear. Class A, C High for LDPE option;

Med-High for HDPE option


PDFGrit-Coat R Brochure