Z-Bar Slab Supports for Rebar

Z-Bar slab support for rebar
Z-Bar support
Z-bar support

This zig-zag shaped stable slab spacer provides the bottom layer of reinforcement in concrete forming. It’s highly loadable and extremely stable, yet compact, slip-proof and safe against tipping. The lightweight, stackable and linear design ensures fastest laying speed. It allows for optimal concrete flow to prevent formations of voids or linear cracking in the concrete.


  • Extremely stable and highly loadable
  • Safe against tipping over
  • Slip proof
  • Available in three different strengths to master all seasons and weather conditions
  • Compact stacking and up to 16,404 linear feet per pallet—minimizes transportation costs
  • Best value for your money


Sylvan Part Number Description Concrete cover Length Bundle Pallet
BT.1525.ZZ25.SPA Z-bar Slab Spacer 1”  (25mm) 1” 200cm/78.75” 100m/328’ 5000m/16,404’
BT.1540.ZZ40.SPA Z-bar Slab Spacer 1-1/2”  (25mm) 1-1/2” 200cm/78.75" 80m/262’ 3200m/10,500’
BT.1550.ZZ50.SPA Z-bar Slab Spacer 2”  (25mm) 2” 200cm/78.75" 80m/262’ 3200m/10,500’