KU Dome Magnet

The KU Dome magnet is used to hold  ball-head anchors.

Turnbuckle Connection System

Designed for permanent connection of prefabricated concrete sections. These innovative Turnbuckles are part of a…

Panel Pads, Plastic

For edge protection and tacking of precast components.

Z-Bar Slab Supports for Rebar

This zig-zag shaped stable slab spacer provides the bottom layer of reinforcement in concrete forming.…

Shim Pads, Plastic

For edge protection, stacking and positioning onsite of precast components

Plastic Corner Guards for Elements

For edge protection and handling or transportation of precast components.

Wheel Clamps for Rebar, Plastic

These stable, poly universal spacers are good for horizontal or vertical mesh or rebar applications.…

Chairs and Towers for Rebar, Plastic

These sturdy plastic spacers are generally used in suspended slab or slab on ground applications.…