Hard-Ply Polymer Com-Ply Decking

Hard-Ply is a remarkably durable, moderately priced mezzanine deck panel manufactured with a high-resin, slip-resistant overlay. It is designed to meet the typical load and rolling sheer requirements of most pallet jacks when applied over metal roof decking. It can also be used for span-rated applications for aisleways and catwalks for foot traffic or light carts. If you’re looking for the great balance between cost and performance, Hard-Ply is a fantastic choice.


  • Moderate cost
  • Medium-high durability and wear resistance
  • OSHA compliance for slip-resistance
  • Quick shipment for ¾” 4×8 sized panels (subject to order file and stock on hand)
  • Class C flame-spread rating
  • Acry-BondTM protective coating over gray grit polymer surface provides enhanced traction and dust control, and reduced maintenance.
  • Span rating up to 24” on center for light foot traffic with panels perpendicular to joists and 12” to 16” o.c. for light carts.

Compare decking products at a glance

Product Cost Durability Pallet-jack Rating Flame-spread Rating Slip Resistance
Grit-Coat R


Low  (all 3/4") Lower-Middle

(low tor span rating; high for compression)

Medium for over steel decking. Not rated for open spans. Class A, C Medium – High

Polymer surface



Low to Moderate

(depends on quantity & thickness)

High for rolling shear and compression rating; Moderate for span rating. Medium – High; very good resistance to compression, rolling shear.


Class C Medium – High

Polymer surface



Moderate to High (based on overlay thickness and quantity) High High for compression & rolling shear. Class A, C High for LDPE option;

Med-High for HDPE option