Multi-Form Bracket

multi-form galvanized steel brackets
multi-form galvanized steel bracket
multi-form galvanized steel bracket

The Multi-Form Bracket works as a component of the innovative Multi-Form or Fly Frame precast framing systems. It can also be used as a stand-alone bracket with other precast systems.

Bracket length is 11-inches and is available in varying heights to attach directly onto plywood or steel faceplates providing additional support and bracing strength for a precast system or in areas with narrow configurations and block-out sections. The Bracket cradle provides a perfect fit to hold the Mag-Fly Power Magnet on steel tables or the Multi-Form Adapter  for wood casting beds.

Offered exclusively by Sylvan Products in the U.S.A.!


  • Attaches directly to plywood or steel faceplates.
  • Provides additional support to precast forms in areas with narrow configurations or within block-out sections.
  • Use in lieu of or in conjunction with full-size Multi-Form or Fly-Frame rails, or with other forming systems.
  • Bracket cradle provides a perfect fit for the Mag-Fly Power Magnet or Multi-Form Adapter.
  • Made of fully galvanized steel for durability.

Multi-Form Bracket

Face Plate Allowance*
BT.810 1050.MF.T13” Multi-Form Bracket3"5"3"11.18"4.33"3 lbs.
BT.810 1139.MF.T14” Multi-Form Bracket4"8"4"11.10"4.33"4 lbs.
BT.810 1155.MF.T16” Multi-Form Bracket6"10"6"11.02"4.52"4-1/4 lbs.
BT.810 1144.MF.T18” Multi-Form Bracket8"12"8"11.02"4.52"4-3/4 lbs.
BT.810 1165.MF.T110” Multi-Form Bracket10"14"10"11.02"4.52"5-1/2 lbs.
BT.810 1207.MF.T112” Multi-Form Bracket12"16"12"11.02"8.07"7-1/2 lbs.
BT.810 1471.MF.T114” Multi-Form Bracket14"18"14"11.02"10.03"9 lbs.
BT.810 1208.MF.T116” Multi-Form Bracket16"20"16"11.02"10.03"9-3/4 lbs.
BT.810 1470.MF.T118” Multi-Form Bracket18"22"18"11.02"10.03"14 lbs.
BT.810 1469.MF.T120” Multi-Form Bracket20"24"20"11.02"10.03"15-1/2 lbs.
BT.810 1468.MF.T122” Multi-Form Bracket22"26"22"11.02"10.03"16-1/2 lbs.
BT.810 1467.MF.T124” Multi-Form Bracket24"28"24"11.02"10.03"17-1/2 lbs.
BT.810 1466.MF.T126” Multi-Form Bracket26"30"26"11.02"10.03"19 lbs.
BT.810 1451.MF.T128” Multi-Form Bracket28"32"28"11.02"10.03"21 lbs.
BT.810 1133.MF.T14” Multi-Form Bracket4"8"4"11.18"4.33"4 lbs.

*Note: Face Plate allowance is for use with 3/4" Plywood

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