Fly-Frame Aluminum Rail

Fly Frame
Fly-frame aluminum

Fly-Frame is an ultra-light but stable aluminum precast rail-framing system designed to work with Mag-Fly Power Magnets for fast, simple, exact positioning by hand. It’s easy to handle and easy on the budget. This advanced, German-engineered framing system has been used extensively in Europe for more than a decade, and now it’s quickly catching on in the U.S. for its ease, speed and precision. Offered exclusively by Sylvan Products in the U.S.A.!

Fly-Frame rails can be used with formwork facing made of Dura-Pour Overlay Form Panels, HDO, forming plywood or metal faceplates, which can be screwed in or fastened from behind so that the forming surface stays free of holes or damage from screw heads. Eliminates time-consuming patching and sanding.


  • Great value—fast return on investment
  • Saves greatly in set-up, transition time and material costs
  • Hardened, powder-coated aluminum rails are extremely lightweight—even long rail sections can be moved without a crane
  • Mag-Fly AP Power Magnets fit easily into rail for fast and precise setting for rails along perimeter and box-outs
Sylvan Part Number Description Weight Length Depth Actual Height
BT.8101134.FF.T2 4” Fly-Frame Aluminum Rail 18 lbs. 9’10” 7.1” 3.86” (98 mm)
BT.8101135.FF.T2 8” Fly-Frame Aluminum Rail 21.5 lbs. 9’10” 7.1” 7.80” (198 mm)
BT.8101136.FF.T2 12” Fly-Frame Aluminum Rail 25 lbs. 9’10” 7.1” 11.73” (298 mm)