Mag-Fly Power Magnet

Mag-Fly power magnet
Mag-Fly magnet power
Mag-Fly magnet
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Lightweight but extremely powerful Mag-Fly AP Power Magnets are designed to work with Fly-Frame and Multi-Form framing systems for incredibly fast, precise precast forming. This advanced, German-engineered precast framing system from B.T. Innovation has been used extensively in Europe for more than a decade, and now it’s quickly catching on in the U.S. for its ease, speed and precision.

Featuring a durable aluminum housing, the Mag-Fly AP Power Magnet weighs only 11 lbs., but it offers over 4,500 lbs. of resistance force. That means once the magnets are adjusted for positioning, they hold frames and faceplates in place securely and accurately. The patented foot-spring system makes it a snap to accurately fix the magnet with just light hand pressure.

Thanks to our long-term alliance with our German production engineers, this innovative technology from BT Innovation is offered exclusively by Sylvan Products across the U.S.A! We’re bringing you the best of two worlds: More than 12 years of proven use in Europe’s most advanced precast plants along with Sylvan’s 25 years of efficient nationwide distribution across North America.


  • Part of a modern, convenient and proven precast forming system
  • Precise positioning, re-positioning and fixing into place is easy
  • Saves time and money for fast return on investment
  • No hammering needed to adjust magnet position
  • Lightweight aluminum housing
  • Patented foot-spring system with built-in release lever (no searching for tools—saves more time)
  • Holds strong yet releases easily
    (release force: < 37 pounds of lifting resistance)
  • Best magnetic force-to-weight ratio of its class worldwide: 4,945 lbs. to 11 lbs.
  • Good ergonomic design and low weight make it easy to carry by hand
Sylvan Part Number Description Pounds force Weight Length 1 Length 2 Width 1 Width 2 Height 1 Height 2
BT.MAG.8001067 Mag-FlyTM AP Power Magnet 4,945 lbs.

(22 N)

11 lbs.

(5.4 kg)


(260 mm)


(385 mm)


(96 mm)


(130 mm)


(76 mm)


(100 mm)

PDF Mag-Fly spec sheet