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Racks provide optimal storage and protection for Mag-Fly Power Magnets, helps keep your magnets organized and readily accessible when not in use. Racks also make it easy to perform regular magnet cleaning and confirm inventory quantity when putting your magnets away after each cast. Mag-fly magnets work with the Fly-Frame  and Multi-Form framing systems.




  • Choose from four Mag-Fly rack products:
  • Space-saving, upright free-standing protection rack holds 28 Mag-Fly Power Magnets.
  • Wall rack holds up to nine Mag-Fly Power Magnets and is easily expandable.
  • Wall rack add-on module expands the wall rack to hold an additional nine magnets. Add on system is flexible with no limit to number of modules you can add. Plug-in—no welding needed.
  • Platform handcart holds two upright protection racks for easy maneuverability. Features pneumatic tires and automatic locking brake on front weeks. Magnet racks are individually removable and secured with spring-loaded cotter pins. (The steel eye loop on top of the rack also allows you to quickly hook up and move the whole rack set by crane.)
Sylvan Part Number Description Height Width Depth
BT.8008053.MF.A Free-standing Mag-Fly Magnet Protection Rack

(four-sided; holds 28 magnets total)

72.83” 19.69” 19.69”
BT.8008186.MF.A Mag-Fly Magnet Protection Wall Rack

(holds nine magnets)

84.65” 20.15” 4.6”
BT.8008187.MF.A Mag-Fly Magnet Protection Wall Rack add-on module

(each module expands the wall rack to hold nine more magnets)

84.65” 13.07” 4.6”
BT.HANDCART Mag-Fly Magnet Protection Rack handcart (holds two upright, four-sided protection racks) 19” (loading height) 36” 63”