Resin-Form Film-Faced Formply

resin form plywood
RESIN-FORM form plywood- 3 edges-cropped

Resin-Form Birch panels are coated with a smooth and wear resistant phenolic film. Panels are used for concrete form-ply. Standard color is dark brown.

The product can be supplied in special colors; for example, light brown, black, green, and opaque yellow. Special colors are not recommended for concrete form-work. They are well suited for interior decoration in buildings and the interior lining of delivery vans.


Resin-From Birch panels

Smooth and wear resistant

Multiple colors options

Phenolic resin glue line.

Face and reverse: Brown phenolic film, Coatings 120 g/m2 (Standard) and 220 g/m2 (Optional)

Edge protection:
Acrylic-based paint.

Thicknesses and weights:

Nom. thick/mm No. of plies Min. thick / mm Max. thick / mm Weight / Sheet
12 9 11.5 12.5 55 lbs
15 11 14.3 15.3 70 lbs
19 13 18.1 19.1 87 lbs
24 17 22.9 23.7 114 lbs
27 19 25.2 26.8 129 lbs

Moisture content 8-10%

Panel sizes:
4X8:  48”x96”
5X10: 60x120

Properties of panel surface:
The values are approximate and meant for guidance when choosing the film thicknesses.

Taber abrasion DIN 53799:
Coating 120 g/m2 300 rev’s
Coating 220 g/m2 600 rev’s
Improved water resistance through coating.
The coating is resistant to weak alkalis.
Direct exposure to sunlight may accelerate the aging and color alterations of the surface.
The coating thickness must be chosen according to the designed concrete quality, number of reuses and casting conditions.

Installation instructions:
Cover the panels to protect them from direct sunshine and rain.
Seal all cut edges.
Use good quality form oil.
Seal screw holes with silicone to reduce moisture absorption.|
Clean the panels carefully after every use.
Handle panels with care to get maximum reuse.

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