Select Wood Reveal Strip

Select wood reveal
sylvan wood reveal

Select-grade, straight-grain wood reveal strips (also known as rustication or drip strips) /rustication drip strips and half-rounds create architectural detail for accentuating horizontal or vertical seams and joints in tilt-up, precast and cast-in-place construction. Wood reveals strips can also be used to create geometric patterns in concrete, either to accent or replace form liners at a much lower cost.

Application is easy. For cast-in-place construction, Select Wood Reveal Strips can be attached to wood cast-in-place forms with finish nails, staples or most any type of woodworking fasteners. For tilt-up casting beds, generally spray glue is used; silicone caulking and sometimes nylon nail-ins can be used on both ends of a strip to anchor it to a concrete slab during wet weather. For attaching to precast beds, use wood- and metal-approved glues along with silicone caulking along the edges. It also works best to use a good wood release agent to assist the release of the wood reveal from the finished cast element.


  • Consistent smooth surface with little to no sugaring
  • Economical
  • Adds architectural interest to any concrete element
  • Standard sizes available for quick shipment
  • Custom sizes available

REVEAL, RUSTICATION, DRIP STRIPS, standard sizes for quick shipment
trapezoid reveal

Sylvan Part NumberABC LF per bundle
RVL-HW-050-200-075x10'1/2"2"3/4"200 LF
RVL-HW-075-225-075x10'3/4”2-1/4”3/4”200 LF
RVL-HW-075-200-100x10'3/4”2”1”200 LF
RVL-CUSTOMcustom dimensions

HALF-ROUND DRIP STRIPS, standard sizes for quick shipment

half round

Sylvan Part NumberABLF per bundle
MLD124-HRN-050x10'1/2”1/4”500 LF/bundle
MLD122-HRN-075x10'3/4”3/8”500 LF/bundle
MLD120-HRN-100x10'1”1/2"500 LF/ bundle