Dura-Pour® Plastic Overlay Formply

dura-pour plastic formply
Dura-Pour in a cast in place project
Dura-Pour in a cast in place project
Salk institute award dura-pour

Dura-Pour is suitable for both interior and exterior applications in precast, cast-in-place or tilt-up concrete. This polyethylene overlay form plywood:

  • Provides the most highly durable surface film for precast faceplates and casting beds.
  • Delivers an architectural finish for cast-in-place applications that specific a smooth, polished travertine-type finish.
  • Allows the option to cut panels into strips for any depth faceplate and in lengths up to 24-feet long. (Less need to replace faceplates reduces material cost per pour!)


For casting bed or smooth formliner applications, Dura-Pour has no equals.

It’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular options in the precast industry and often specified by architects, project owners and concrete contractors.


  • Custom sizes up to 5’ wide x 24’ long; or precut to specific widths for precast faceplate strips.
  • Durable polyethylene overlay produces one of the lowest cost-per-pour known for overlay plywood.
  • Provides extraordinarily polished results in ordinary concrete.
  • Allows for dramatically sized columns or wall sections with few seams.
  • Creates a dense finish with low-to-no bug-holes or spauling, thus requiring few surface repairs
  • Finish options for “even sheen” or high gloss.
  • Sylvan’s custom cutting service for specific widths and lengths minimizes jobsite cutting errors.
Common Dura-Pour Surface Sizes
Feet 4'x8' 4'x10' 5'x8' 5'x10' 5'x16' 5'x18' 5'x24' Custom strips
Millimeters 1220x2440 1220x3050 1524x2440 1524x3050 1524x4880 1524x5490 1524x7315 Custom