Chamfer Cutters

mitre corner for chamber cutter
chamfer cutter holster

Get the accuracy of a miter box with the speed and convenience of a hand tool while on the jobsite. Makes cutting chamfer and other mouldings quick, precise and efficient. We offer a choice of two models: hardened steel with padded handles or high-grade stainless steel. Replacement blades for stainless and hardened steel options are available, as are the anvils.


Saves labor and time compared to miter box

Makes compound miter joints easily

Accurately cuts both left and right angles

Angle selections include 45° fence, and multiple demarcations on replaceable anvil

Cuts 1”, ¾” and ½” chamfer and moulding

Can be carried in pocket or Sylvan holster

Pays for itself in days, lasts for years

Safety latch locks blade against anvil

Replaceable steel blades and stainless steel blades

Sylvan Chamfer Cutters - 2 Options 
Miter-Jaws Sylvan's deluxe hand tool, uniquely designed with dual templates to enable right or left angle cuts up to 1" thickness.


Fabricated with Stainless steel handle and blade.

Includes safety latch.

Replaceable blades and anvils.

Miter-Boss Fabricated with rubber comfort grip handle the Miter-Boss slightly more economical with tempered steel blades.


Accurately cuts both left and right angles up to 1" thickness.

Includes safety latch

Replaceable blades and anvils.