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Wood Mouldings and Millwork by Sylvan

Chamfer Strips (WM995)
This product is also known as "skewback" and "cant strip"

Reveal Strips
This product is also known as "Drip Strip" and "Rustication"

Half Rounds

Full Rounds

For this section, Sylvan keeps a few items in inventory, subject to prior sale. Otherwise, custom production generally requires the purchase of a full unit.


Base Shoe


Door Stop

Quarter Round

Indicate the length, shape and point type of preferred stake or hubs. Sylvan Products manufactures
a full range of grade stakes and survey stakes and hubs, ranging in lengths from 6-inches up to 48 inches. Our hardwood
stakes, hubs and lath are make for extra strength when pounding into the ground, but our softwood stakes are make for
attaching nails & tacks, and also writing on. All stakes and Hubs have pencil points., unless otherwise specified.
1" x 2" - specify length, 6" up to 48"
2" x 2" - specify length, 6" up to 48"
Prefer Sylvan to make a recommendation based on known assumptions and suitable performance or cost or cost options for Stakes, Hubs & Lath.