Rubber-Elast Sealing Strip

rubber elast roll
roll in use
rubber elast joint sealer for precast concrete elements

Rubber-Elast sealing strip provides water tight seal for use between prefabricated concrete components. This sealing strip features excellent adhesion not only to concrete, can also be used on metals, glass and other surfaces. Rubber-Elast is successfully used worldwide simply by applying to the dry inside surface along the entire length of your concrete component. The material becomes watertight immediately after application.


Extremely high water and gas impermeability

Quick application, no tools needed

Very high adhesion strength

Resistant to Acid, alkaline, salt, and liquid sewage waste

Tested by German construction supervisory authorities


Application Type Rolls with adhesive and protective foil
Storage Unlimited shelf life if stored in dry cool place
Processing Temperature 14 °F to 1o4 °F component and material temperature
Thermal Stability -40 °F to 1o4 °F
Chemical Resistance H2SO4² (ph 4) Acid, concrete damaging liquid
Ca (OH)2 (ph 12) Alkaline solution
NaCl Salt
Liquid Manure
With waterproof concrete 38 x 32 mm size must be used
Packaging Size (width x height in mm)
17 x 17 25 x19 32 x 25 38 x 32 48 x 42
14.75' RL 14.5' RL 14.5' RL 10.5' RL 8.2' RL
8 RL/carton 6 RL/carton 4 RL/carton 4 RL/carton 4 RL/carton

PDF Rubber Elast Butyl Tape technical data