Sanded Plywood

sanded plywood

Sylvan’s Sanded Plywood is a structural plywood panel with face and back plies sanded smooth in the manufacturing process. Sanded Plywood Panels are well suited for many applications to include; Industrial, Construction Performance, Agricultural, Interior decorative applications, and Manufactured Products. Its smooth surface makes it an excellent lining for the Transportation Industry in trucks, trailers, vans and rail cars. Our Sanded plywood excels at both appearance and durability and are manufactured to our customer’s specifications leading to greater workability for further machining and finishing. All sanded panel’s produced are manufactured to meet or exceed U.S. Product Standards.


Grades: AB, AC, BB, BC

100% Exterior Glue Lines

Sanded both sides for a smooth even finish

Specification APA
Lengths: 8', 9', 10', 12'
Widths: 4', 5'
Thickness: 1/4" - 1-1/14"
Grades: AA, AB, BB, BC