Plasti-Flex Reveal Strip

Red Reveal With Double Sided Tape

Plasti- Flex Red Reveal is highly reusable for multiple castings. The soft, co-extruded edges provide a tight seal to the casting surface to greatly reduce or eliminate the time and cost of applying silicone caulking on edges.

* -shipment subject to stock on hand, and availability of truck

-other custom sizes are available for long-term supply programs


Multiple castings: Excelling for precast industry

Sealed edges- the softer polyethylene sharp edges conform to the casting surface

Provide a clean release and ultra-smooth architectural finish.

Saves on time & labor, when used with Double-Sided tape

Little or no patching, grinding or sacking required

PDF Plasti-Flex Reveal Size Chart

trapezoid reveal

RVL-AB-050-150-050x12'1/2"1-1/2"1/2"480 LF
RVL-AB-075-225-075x12'3/4"2-1/4"3/4"480 LF
RVL-AB-100-200-050x12'1"2"1/2"480 LF
RVL-AV-200-300-050x12'2"3"1/2"480 LF