USDA Agri-Panel


Sylvan’s Agri-Panel serves as a terrific solution for commercial kitchens and food-handling areas as well as for livestock panels.

Food service: Agri-Panel wall, ceiling and floor panels help control bacteria, grease or dust to keep the work environment clean. Highly washable, hygienic and resistant to mold and stains, Agri-Panel meets pertinent FDA regulations and USDA conditions and are ideal for all food-handling, -processing and -storage areas. In addition, the product is easy to trim, apply and use in conjunction with drop-in ceiling frames.

Livestock industry: Agri-Panel stands up to the rigorous challenges imposed around dairy barns, horse stalls, hog confinements, animal trailer liners, fertilizer bins, manure containment areas and many other highly corrosive and harsh applications. In addition, we have designed this panel to resist other animal confinement challenges such as impact blows, scratching, wearing and chewing. Furthermore, Agri-Panel is easy to cut and install with standard tools. It provides a low-maintenance, low-stick surface that’s highly washable and meets pertinent standards of the USDA, the Humane Society and U.S. Product Standard PS 1-95.


  • Extremely durable poly overlay resists scratching and tough wear.
  • Low-maintenance—highly washable.
  • Low-stick surface helps control bacteria, grease and dust.
  • Easy to cut and install.
  • Meets pertinent FDA and USDA standards for food prep areas.
  • Meets USDA and Humane Society standards and U.S. Product Standard PS 1-95 for livestock confinement areas.