Plasti-Flex Double Chamfer Generic

Double Chamfer Generic Family

Plasti-Flex Double Chamfer is commonly used for tilt-up concrete forms. Ultra-smooth Double Chamfer faces provide a superb architectural finish with Chamfer on both edges designed to conform  thicknesses of lumber, LSL, or LVL. Plasti-Flex Double Chamfer is highly durable for optional reuses and great results.


Efficient – quick and easy installation* onto common thicknesses of lumber, LSL, or LVL for perimeter forms and some door and window block-outs

Reusable – Highly durable plastic provides extended use

Attractive – Smooth flawless finish in concrete


CHM-P2-1251-1/4" x 8' WHITE DOUBLE CHAMFER1 1/4”3/4"1-1/16"8'200 LF20 LBS.
CHM-P2-1501-1/2" x 8' GRAY DOUBLE CHAMFER1-1/2"3/4"  3/4"1-1/16"8'200 LF25 LBS.