Magnetic Steel Chamfer

Magnetic steel chamfer strips are designed to work with steel beds or steel faceplates and bulkheads that can be mounted to most types of precast rail-frame systems on the market (including the Multi-Form and Fly-Frame rail frame systems that we carry).

Choose the single-sided magnetized option if attaching to one steel surface at a time, such as a steel table or steel faceplate. The double-sided magnetized option provides an extremely secure corner attachment when you’re working with two adjoining sections of steel.

See the Technical Data tab for the standard sizes of magnetic steel chamfer strips Sylvan offers. We can also produce custom sizes (please allow 6-7 weeks) to suit your needs.


Powerful magnets are embedded at the surface of the chamfer to provide maximum adhesion to any steel surface

High quality steel and magnetic properties offer long service life and best performance

Long durability ensures a nice payback on the original investment

Available in single-side magnetized or double-side magnetized


Sylvan part number Description
CHM-STMA-050x10 1/2” x 10’ magnetic chamfer strip – 2 pc. per tube = 20 LF
CHM-STMA-075x10 3/4” x 10’ magnetic chamfer strip – 2 pc. per tube = 20 LF